BC Ms Clarice 1220 P ET

Ms Clarice 1220 is a daughter of the famous LT Ledger 0332.  Her mother is the famous JWK Clarice J139.  Many refer to her as the best daughter of VCR Sir Duke 914 with over 170 registered progeny through AICA.  Ms Clarice 1220 is a full sister to some of Wright Charolais high selling bulls ( WC Capital Gain 2220 P ET and WC Paramount 4120 P ET).  Ms Clarice 1220 is a deep bodied cow with lots of thickness and eye appeal.  She has excellent feet and a perfect udder score.  She is the type of cow everyone would want there whole cow herd to look like.  We are going to begin flushing this cow again begining in 2018.

Additional Info

  • BW: 85 lbs.
  • AWW: 613 lbs.
  • AYW: N/A
  • CE: 8.7
  • BW: -0.9
  • WW: 29
  • YW: 58
  • Milk: 12
  • TM: 26
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