BC Milestone 2002 Pld

Milestone 2002 is a son of Milestone 5223 and his mother is a daughter of Ledger 0332.  His maternal grandmother is a cow we bought from Guyle Sonderman and she is a daughter of Hurricane Joe 422.  2002 is a moderate framed bull with a ton of body mass and thickness.  He will add lots of mass and thickness to his calves.  He has an excellent disposition, he will come and find you when you are walking through the bullpen just so you can rub his back.  This bull should be on the top of most cattleman's list on sale day.

Additional Info

  • BW: 95 lbs.
  • AWW: 704 lbs.
  • AYW: 1238 lbs.
  • CE: 1.9
  • BW: 2.0
  • WW: 31
  • YW: 58
  • Milk: 11
  • TM: 202.71
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