BC Milestone 2004 Pld

2004 is a son of Milestone 5223 and his mother is a Ledger 0332 daughter with a really bright future.  She raised a maternal brother last year that sold in our sale for $4000.  Milestone 2004 has lots of performance from birth to weaning.  He is a long bodied bull with lots of thickness.  He has really good feet and leg structure along with really good scrotal developement.  2004 will sire sale topping calves and should not be over looked on sale day.  We had the bulls on a 134 day test.  His AICA Registration Number is M941039.  Bull Sold to Bassett Farms.  Thank you guys
                                                                             Additional Performance Data
                                                                                ADG - 4.35 lbs/day
                                                                              WPDA - 3.65


Additional Info

  • BW: 92 lbs.
  • AWW: 666 lbs.
  • AYW: 1362 lbs.
  • CE: 5.0
  • BW: 1.1
  • WW: 40
  • YW: 78
  • Milk: 10
  • TM: 223.45
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