BC Ringer 2023 Pld

Ringer 2023 is our other Bells and Whistles grandson.  His mother is a Grid Maker 104 daughter we bought a couple years ago.  This bull has a lot of breed leaders in his pedigree.  He has a lot of growth from birth to weaning like his brothers did.   He will add frame and performance to his calves.  We had the bulls on a 134 day test.  His AICA Registration Number is M941047.  Bull Sold to Allen Williams Talihina, Oklahoma.  Thank you Allen
                                                                              Additional Performance Data
                                                                                 ADG - 4.21 lbs/day
                                                                               WPDA - 3.75

Additional Info

  • BW: 100 lbs.
  • AWW: 677 lbs.
  • AYW: 1351 lbs.
  • CE: 4.6
  • BW: 1.5
  • WW: 33
  • YW: 58
  • Milk: 6
  • TM: 204.54
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